Gardens For Campers
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How it works

The site offers a unique camping experience in which homeowners open their gardens/backyards to those campers seeking a hospitable alternative to wild camping or the full-service campground. The site’s sole purpose is to put prospective campers in contact with homeowners interested in offering them both lodging and hospitality.

We believe that this kind of lodging presents many advantages for both the camper and the homeowner.

For campers :
  • More amenities than a wild campsite
  • The serenity and protection of a private place to lodge without the worry of breaking a law or being disturbed in the middle of the night
  • A multitude of offers throughout touristic places
  • Opportunities to mingle with inhabitants who can provide practical info on nearby tourist spots. The best tourist ambassadors to a place are those that live there!
  • A wide variety of lodging possibilities
  • A pleasant alternative to large and potentially crowed campgrounds
  • A way to cut costs and yet still have access to the same basic amenities as conventional campgrounds
For homeowners :
  • Opportunity to contribute to the creation of a friendly reputation for your town or area
  • Possibility of making new acquaintances and friends
  • A way to earn some supplemental income